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Netactica: Creators of tech solutions for the travel industry

Netactica is a technology company that specializes in the travel industry. With over 20 years of experience, we are a leading player in the market, known for providing software solutions tailored to the tourism sector. Serving clients across twelve countries in the Americas, our sales platform stands as a robust tool for fostering growth and modernizing businesses involved in the tourism sector – including travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, banks, and enterprises seeking scalability, automation, and a competitive edge.

Our mission is to revolutionize the way travel companies commercialize and manage their diverse range of products and services.

Netactica offers a robust End-to-End, Multi-product, and Omnichannel platform that empowers businesses to consolidate their diverse range of offerings in a single hub. This streamlined accessibility benefits both clients and their sales agents, ultimately enhancing the value proposition of the products and services delivered across various distribution channels.

We aim for your business to expand its distribution channels

Management of multiple channels like B2C, B2B, corporate, and sales front channels, along with Web services/API, all with their own branding from a single platform, featuring a modern purchasing flow, usability, and responsive technology.

Fully Responsive

Our booking flow seamlessly adapts to any device—be it mobile, tablet, or desktop—
ensuring an optimal customer experience at all times, from anywhere.

Centralize your product, even when it originates from different sources, through seamless integration or local and extranet uploads. 

This involves aggregating content from multiple sources and suppliers, covering accommodations, flights, packages, car rentals, tours, and activities. The system interfaces with Global Distribution Systems (GDSs), host systems, Central Reservation Systems (CRSs), Channel Managers, consolidators, wholesalers, and provides a direct connection to airlines such as NDC. This is complemented by a robust local/extranet loading tool, which empowers the management of charter flight allotments, hotel contracts, and other tourism services resulting from proprietary negotiations.

We help to strategically position your business within the value chain.

This involves the customization of product offerings through dynamic rules, tailored to diverse parameters such as channels, business units, products, suppliers, customers, and customer segments—among other variables. This facilitates the definition of markups, discounts, promotions, and fees, while also determining the combination of attributes and sales conditions associated with the wide array of products and channels within the business.

We offer the possibility of automating complex administrative processes.

This entails the implementation of a comprehensive management system that allows you to have full End-to-End business control. This integration encompasses all sales channels, data, control mechanisms, business processes, supplier payments, current account/statement of account control, automated electronic invoicing, among other functionalities.


Enhancing sales efficiency through streamlined tasks – one of our tenets.

The objective is to attain business scalability while maintaining heightened oversight over operations, supplier reconciliations, commissions, web sales, and distribution channels. The integration of data from all facets of the business facilitates the assessment of information based on channels, sales agents, suppliers, air routes, destinations, providing real-time and entirely automated business insights and reports.

Adaptable across various industry business models:

  • Traditional Multi-Channel and Multi-Country Agencies
  • Online Travel Agencies
  • Large Retailers and Banks
  • Wholesale Tour Operators
  • Loyalty Programs (Earn and Redeem models)
  • Airlines, Hotels, and Other Service Providers

Customer Testimonials

Recognizing that the global travel sector demands professionals to operate transversely with digital resources in an optimal and efficient manner to achieve multiple objectives of competitiveness and quality, we have placed our full trust in the technological services developed by Netactica. More than a service provider, Netactica is a technological partner that bets on the success of its clients. The proof of this is the talent and capability of its close-knit human team, which has been instrumental at every stage we have worked together, from the very beginning.

Sandra Faraj

Travel Diunsa - Honduras

End-to-End Solution

We understand that the Latin American presents unique scenarios that might not always fit into a standard workflow.That's exactly why we provide the flexibility to manually input services directly into the reservation. Request a DEMO to further explore the possibilities we offer.


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