Back Office Module

Our back office module, NetOffice, is a modular, comprehensive, and flexible management system designed for the tourism industry, adaptable to any business model.

It's multi-currency and includes the management of branches or points of sale. It features a customizable cost structure, as well as workflow and taxes per product through a powerful engine.

It will allow you to manage discounts and markups by customer, product, or supplier. Additionally, it enables the management of bank accounts, cash flow, and accounts receivable.

It comes with processes and controls designed to enhance the management of any travel agency, along with collaboration mechanisms for task execution across different sectors of the company.

Its accounting module handles chart of accounts that adapt to the client's structure, and it also includes a set of configurable rules for modeling the accounting of each operation.

Main Features:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Manual, Automatic, and Electronic Invoicing
  • Real-time Cost Provisioning and Accounting
  • Credit Line Management and Control
  • Flat or Pyramid Commission Settlement
  • Supplier Payments and Various Reconciliations (Bank, BSP, and General Services)
  • Business Tracking by Customer, Event, and/or Product Type
  • Refund Management
  • Wide Range of Operational, Management, and Custom Reports with Included Graphics, Exportable in Different Formats
  • Revenue Collection by Business or Customer with Multiple Payment Methods
  • Income and Expense Control through a Comprehensive Treasury Module

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